लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु


Let the Entire World Be Happy

Stone writings of Sangama Dynasty (1336 A.D.-1485 A.D.)
Rohit Chopra founder of Adhyatma Yoga

Living a Spiritual and Healthy Life

About Adhyatma Yoga

In this space we have tried to bring together all the aspects of Yoga, Tantra and Spirituality so that we can have a more holistic approach.
For example I love doing and teaching asanas and pranayamas but they are just one aspect of Yoga.

So here I have tried to include Yogic Philososphy ( Jnana Yoga ), Tantra ( in an easy to understand manner ), Nada Yoga ( Yoga of Vibrations / Music ), Budget Spiritual Travelling ( coming soon ) a Yoga Shop and more! 😁
All these yogic aspects are an important aspect of my life so I have been able to share it with you too! 😊

I feel and have been experiencing that Yoga is such an important part of our lives, in fact it is a way of living in a spiritual way.

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