Conduct Havan at Home Online

Havan, Homa and Agnihotra

Havan, Homa and Agnihotra are the different names given to fire ceremonies done with the help of mantras with oblations offered to fire keeping in mind they are being offered to the Divine. The vibrations of the Sanskrit mantras along with the presence of the Panch Mahabhutas ( states of energy ) create a beautiful charged environment.
The Panch Mahabhutas are (Akash) Ether, ( Vayu ) Air, (Agni) Fire, ( Jal ) Water and ( Prithvi ) Earth.
It is also important that the person conducting the Havan and the core people offering the oblations should have a pure and positive frame of mind. Especially at that time to recieve maximum benefits.

It is generally conducted by a Brahman ( a person who is Spiritual ) as in that frame of mind it is easier to be positive.
After and during the Havan the Brahman shares his/her knowledge on spirituality. In the end Prasad ( Gift ) in the form of simple nutritious food is offered to all those present and others too.

Havan can be conducted for various reasons
  • To bring peace and harmony where you stay or office ( place of work )
  • For general health and mental well being.
  • Purification – The vibrations of the mantras and the whole Havan process purifies and kills harmfull bacteria and vibrations.

I conduct Gayatri mantra, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and other Havans online or by going to the location where the Havan will be conducted.

What are the charges?

I haven’t decided on any particular charges, people give donation after the completion of the Havan.

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