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Rohit Chopra

Namaste Everyone !

My name is Rohit, I am from Kolkata, Bharat ( India ).
I got associated with Yoga as a child, whenever I mention this my mind goes down memory lane and I find me and my sister as kids sitting together facing each other and performing the Nadi Shodhan Pranayam ( which our mother had asked us to do ) a bit reluctantly 😂

Since childhood I had a tendency of cough and colds which with all its loyalty stayed with me😄

I remember myself during my last years of school..I was in class 10 and my nose used to be completed blocked, I had to breathe in through my mouth, especially during sleep!
Those days were really bad, but it drove me to a point that I told myself I had enough and was going to work on my cough and cold problem.

I started learning about Yogic and Ayurvedic cures and doing them, took guidance and inspiration from yoga teachers.
Though I had personally tried Allopathy and Homeopathy in childhood.. they were good and gave me temporary cures but not a permanent solution but when I started practicing by practicing Yogic Kriyas, and applying Ayurvedic knowledge, living a healthy lifestyle I started seeing positive changes in me 🥰.

I gradually realized the healing powers of these organic sciences and the miraculous ways in which people could be healed and find their path and I am still awed by them.

The Bihar School of Yoga

After finishing school, I went to learn Yoga at an Ashram called Bihar School of Yoga in 2009.
It was a unique place
The days would start at the crack of dawn with yoga classes conducted by sanyasins.
Satsangs and Kirtans in the evenings created a spiritual atmosphere.
Ashram disciples/people from all over the world came together to be a part of the Ashram experience.

Those days were beautiful, I got a new perspective about Yoga..
Understood that Yoga is not only asanas, pranayamas and meditations but so much more.
Got to know about different aspects of Yoga like Karma Yoga ( how to work in a Yogic way ), Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Mantras and more 🙂
Yoga is a way of living and not just the one hour of asanas and pranayamas we do in our Yoga Class 😀

The Yoga Style I follow

The Bihar School of Yoga tradition is of immense value to me. I also feel open to learn from and have been learning from the opportunities that I receive. Yoga is a vast science with various aspects like Hatha Yoga, Nada Yoga, Jnana Yoga etc. Different Traditions and Gurus have something unique to teach.

I feel grateful and thankful to all the opportunities I have received.
My Pranams to all my Gurus, Parents, Teachers and all the inspirers who have been a major part in my Yogic journey

I have been teaching and healing in a holistic traditional way. Keeping in mind the Yogic principles and the Ayurvedic science of Doshas.