At a Havan and Kirtan Program

Kirtan is an important part of Yoga.
It helps to open up the Heart.
When I used to stay in the Ashram ( Bihar School of Yoga ) the days would be tiring with different activities like classes, Karma Yoga etc..
I would get really tired by the end of the day.
Then after our dinner we would have an evening program. All of us would assemble together and do mantra, stotra chanting and kirtans, both are unique and have different effects. 
The Kirtans would be generally sung by sanyasins living in the Ashram .
So even though I would feel tired and exhausted but these Kirtans accompanied by Mridanga, Harmonium and Manjiras would give me so much energy that I would stand up, dance and rejoice in these beautiful vibrations, feeling connected..
I would really encourage you too to experience something like that especially in an holistic environment like a Ashram.
Feel free to connect with me if you would like to have a Kirtan experience at your place, we also conduct online Live Kirtans 😊